Filipe Pinto Soares born 1974 Lisbon, Portugal.
In 1996 gets his training in restoration in Fundação Ricardo Espírito Santo and in 1998, 3D animation at ETIC. In 1999 he passed through St. Martin’s School of Art in London in the course of image manipulation, art and design. In 2000, still in London, he studied production and video in Media Productions Facilities. In 2001 he creates Relectro, a brand of industrial design where he allies technology to vintage decoration objects. It is around this time that plastic arts enter his curriculum. He took part in some group exhibitions, among which Abanque (Mousse) in 2004, the Circuit in 2006 and Nike’s 1/1 Art of football in 2008. In 2007 he starts collaboration with artist Miguel Palma. In 2008 he makes the painting course of AR.CO. In 2009 he accomplished his first solo exhibition (Floating Dreams). In 2010 he makes his second solo exhibition “Along the way” in space Arte Tranquilidade and in 2011 he is invited to participate in the collective exhibition “Win-dows of the future” in 3 cities. In 2012 makes is third solo exhibition (Weapons of Mass Creation) at Art Lounge Gallery. In 2014 makes his first drawing exhibition (Below the Line). Since 2014 started to play music and build instruments.
His work reflects a whole journey of learning and experiences with the prospect of developing and innovating the onlook over parts joining technology to art.